Our Team

Executive Team

Patrice Vallmajo (Co-Founder & Partner) is responsible for the development of patented personalization technology as well as the company's fundraising and communications solutions. Patrice has a specialization in imaging and publishing technologies, spending the last two decades designing software architecture and developing innovative core technology. Patrice served as Architect and Image Scientist for Snapfish (a HP Division) as well as Engineering Manager and Lead Developer for MGI Software. Patrice graduated from the PolyTech'Nice Software Engineering School of Sophia-Antipolis (France) and holds a Master of Science in Image Processing and Virtual Reality from the University of Nice.

Adolfo Vidé (Co-Founder & Partner) serves as Papilia's Lead Imaging Scientist. Adolfo spent the past 30 years developing innovative software that includes imaging technology, games and handwriting recognition. He has been the main contributor for eight approved patents. Adolfo served as VP of Software, Research and Development at EGG Solution Optronics. Prior to that, he was French General Manager for Live Picture. Adolfo received a BS in Electronics, Automatics and Software Engineering from the University of Cachan in France.

Nicolas Romantzoff (General Manager, Co-Founder & Partner) is the Founder and principal of Anyxis where he works as Papilia's Lead Software & Network Architect consultant. Nicolas has spent the past 25 years developing innovative software that includes imaging technology, network operations and distributed computing. As senior engineer at EGG Solution Optronics he was responsible for their 360° video streaming technology. Prior to that, he was Engineering Manager for Live Picture. Nicolas graduated from the ENSIMAG Engineering School of Grenoble (France) and holds a Master of Science in System Architecture.

Kelly Huff (VP of Client Services, Managing Partner) has invested the past ten years of her career developing web-based solutions in the fields of population health management, fitness & nutrition, and philanthropy while concurrently developing and managing client service strategies for a wide range of clients including Pfizer, Cisco Systems, International Truck & Engine, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the Center for Preventive Medicine. Kelly received a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Indiana School of Fundraising. She is also a team recipient of many prestigious accolades including the C. Everett Koop and Disease Management Association Awards for onsite and web-based healthcare solutions. Kelly received her Master’s Degree from the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh.