Papilia Enterprise

Customized Solutions and Use of Papilia over Rest API

Papilia's software engineers will help your organization create a custom solution that's right for you, whether your needs are minor or extensive. We can create and host the customizations for you, or you can easily use our technology over API to create your own custom experience with our sophisticated technology "running the show" in the background. 

The Papilia team has extensive experience guiding clients through the customization process and will work with you to create a tailored solution to best suit your organization's fundraising needs & goals, existing technology & resources, and budget.

Client Examples

The ways in which our technology can be used to create unique custom solutions are vast. Below just are a few examples.

#1: Use of Papilia over API. In these examples, the clients designed their own branded donation forms in-house and used Papilia's powerful fundraising technology on the backend, resulting in cohesive branding and a seamless donor experience.

   Click on the image to view donation forms.







  Click on the image to view donation forms.





#2: Custom mobile donation form: This is an example of a customized, branded mobile donation form. This is responsive design and can be viewed without distortion in other devices, which is a very important fundraising feature.

  Click on image to view mobile donation forms.






#3: Branded, multi-language donation forms:  An in-house web developer was not available to this client to use our technology over API, so Papilia was needed to design the multi-langauge donation forms and host them over our SSL. Papilia designed the forms to make match the organization's website and navigation, thereby making them appear embedded in the client website, creating a cohesive donor experience. Papilia was utilized also for our expertise in website localization, which is complex.

   Click on image to view client website and custom donation page (and 'wrapper).






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