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 “The results were great. The program’s first piece grew the email list by 19.7% and it was easy to use. Best of all, donors loved it!” KQED 



What is Direct2Web?

Direct2Web is a cost-effective and engaging way to get supporters online for whom you have no email addresses or bad email addresses. Direct2Web incorporates the use of direct mail with branded web pages. And donors with email addresses GIVE MORE, so having current supporter email addresses on file is very important to your fundraising efforts. Direct2Web also keeps the donors engaged once they have transitioned online.

The results*

  • 15% emails updated
  • 3.3% conversion rate for those with previously no email on file
  • 66% increase in average gift size
  • 99% Overall satisfaction rate
  • Save 20-60% on annual direct mail costs

*Average results across all clients, all mailings.

Here’s Direct2Web works

To obtain or update email addresses, a direct mail piece with a personalized URL (PURL) is sent to the targeted donors. The donors are directed to branded web pages to obtain valuable information such as online tax receipts, alumni information, event invitation, survey… Direct2Web is unlimited in its utility. The supporter is recognized by the PURL and asked to provide their current email address.  It’s that simple.

Clients also use these web pages to engage their existing online supporters through email outreach. Supporters love this service. Why? Supporters are more engaged when directed to these web pages.  It’s a much different experience than taking donors directly to a piece of information on your website.  Supporters ‘tune out’ over time when returning to a nonprofit website. The Direct2Web pages have the familiarity of your organization’s look & feel, but are centered on the information of interest. Supporters can also interact on the page using polls and surveys.

Learn how one of our clients used Direct2Web to obtain the results below and more:

  • 90% Alumni Registrant email response rate
  • 22% increase in fall donations as a result of having responded to the alumni campaign