Email Marketing

The Papilia Email Marketing tool delivers.

Papilia’s deliverability rate is consistently above 98%.  ‘Best practice’ deliverability rate is considered 95%. Papilia’s deliverability exceeds the 95% industry ‘best practice’ standard. This means more emails get delivered, and your opportunity for fundraising is optimized.

Deliverability is one of the most important considerations in email marketingyet is often overlooked by nonprofits.  It won’t matter how compelling your email is if it doesn’t get to the recipient’s inbox.  And many of the generic mass email providers render deliverability rates as much as 10-15% lower than ‘best in practice’ deliverability rates. That could add up to a significant amount of lost dollars in support for your organization.

Why is Papilia’s deliverability rate so high?: Papilia engages in aggressive whitelisting efforts. As a result, our Sender Score is an exceptional 99.5%.

Since we focus solely on nonprofit fundraising, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) trust emails that originate from Papilia’s IP address and domain name, ensuring that emails hit your donors’ inboxes and are less likely toget filtered as SPAM.

With Papilia’s Email Marketing tool, you get:

o   Superior deliverability

o   CAN SPAM Compliant templates

o   Properly formatted HTML emails that won’t get stuck in SPAM folders

o   Robust list segmentation so you can highly target your communications

o   Real-time reporting in a simple user interface.

o   Interest capture- Enables supporters to specify their cause-related interests so you can send more  personalized, targeted communications, thereby building stronger donor relationships.

o   FREE, automated data integration with your Salesforce or CommonGround CRM.

o   Flat rate pricing - We don’t penalize nonprofits for being good communicators, therefore we don’t charge per email. 

o   Exceptional customer service - While Papilia is intuitive and simple to use, should the need arise, our friendly and experienced customer service team is readily available to help you utilize Papilia to its fullest potential.