Fundraising Concierge

The Fundraising Concierge...

is at your service.


Get the white glove treatment  with the Fundraising Concierge.


Imagine your next fundraising campaign being a relaxed, Zen-like experience where you can hand off the responsibility to an experienced fundraising professional who will create and manage ALL aspects of your campaign from start to finish. Sounds great, right? It gets better. Your Fundraising Concierge will also bring their own powerful, enterprise level software for use in your campaign at no extra cost. You can sit back and watch the funds roll in.

What is a fundraising concierge?

The Fundraising Concierge team consists of seasoned online fundraising experts who act as an extension of your fundraising team when you have projects you cannot accommodate within your current resources or expertise. This differs from a consultancy service; while you will receive excellent consultation, your concierge will also bring their own fundraising toolbox, which includes powerful and proven fundraising software, and will perform all the functions involved in your fundraising campaign. From start to finish, your fundraising concierge will do everything for you.

The fundraising concierge will do my work for me?

Yes, because we use our own in-house fundraising experts and state-of-the-art software, there is no training time involved: we hit the ground running and don't stop until the campaign is done. Throughout the campaign, the Fundraising Concierge will provide you with ongoing progress reports, insights, and recommendations.

Once the campaign is completed, you'll receive a data file to synch with your database and 'big data' insights that will help improve your fundraising efforts going forward.

How effective is this solution?

The Fundraising Concierge team, engineers, and support staff have over 10 years experience in online fundraising and have helped nonprofits from around the world raise over $200 million dollars using our software. The return on investment varies depending on list size and previous engagement, but tends to be very high due to the low price point. One of our clients with a small donorbase experienced a 500% ROI on their first campaign. Keep in mind that you have access to our powerful donation and email marketing solutions for FREE as part of the Concierge program.

How much does the Fundraising Concierge cost?

You are only paying for the Concierge’s time to create and execute the plan. We are providing the use of the software free of charge because it enables the Concierge to do the job more efficiently and get you better results. When you add all the costs associated with running a comparable campaign, you will likely find you are not only saving money on the overhead and administrative costs to run the campaign end-to-end, but that you’re also driving more donations due to the combined impact of the software and strategic plan. Click here for pricing.

How it works. Click here for an outline of the the step-by-step process.