Papilia for Salesforce

Papilia offers seamless, automated integration with the Salesforce CRM

Through Papilia for Salesforce Connector, our customers are able to unite the best of the Salesforce CRM capabilities with Papilia’s robust donation and communications solutions. You can even layer other fundraising software to create your own unique solution. Data Integration is seamless via Salesforce API, Adminstration GUI integrated into Salesforce via our Salesforce certified Papilia appExchange app.

Always Current - Papilia’s Salesforce Connector’s automatic daily synchronization requires to action from your staff and maintains a consistently current database.

Easy To Use - No need for a consultant or Salesforce administrator, the automatic daily synchronization saves your staff time, and the typically complex process of merging duplicate records is made easy through the intuitive user interface, directly within your Salesforce backoffice via Papilia appExchange app.

Flexible (Open Source) – Saleforce and Papilia utilize Open Source technology which means that clients have the flexibility to add and/or layer other open-source fundraising products. This enables non-profits to be more responsive to emerging fundraising technologies. With free and low-cost Open Source fundraising products on the rise, this is an important attribute.


Still haven’t selected a CRM?

Utilizing a Salesforce-based CRM may be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Visit the Salesforce Foundation to inquire about Salesforce heavily discounted "Non-Profit Enterprise Edition"

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Salesforce is Open Source which means that you’ll have the flexibility to plug into fundraising software that meets your needs at any given time. Other CRM providers may require the exclusive use of their fundraising solutions with no ability to be responsive to your changing fundraising needs. These vendors are often expensive and may lock you into long-term contracts. With the Salesforce CRM, the only upfront costs are for set-up, which should not exceed the fees quoted by the more expensive, closed system CRMs. After set-up, there is no monthly fee. Our clients who are using the Salesforce CRM can’t believe how easy it is to use with our Connector – once it’s set-up, they don’t have to think about it. The data synchs automatically on a daily basis. It’s a dream.

Visit Salesforce Foundation to see if you are ready for Salesforce CRM.